Franklin General Hospital

Franklin General Hospital’s Pharmacy is committed to providing the hospital with a comprehensive progressive pharmaceutical service of a high quality in order to maximize patient care and to furnish quality medications, efficient medication distribution systems, and professional clinical services to meet the needs of the patients as determined and approved by the medical staff.

Franklin General Hospital’s inpatient pharmacy is located on the Medical Surgical wing and provides 24-hour service to the hospital. It serves the hospital with a complete unit dose medication system and IV admixtures.

Through computer order entry, the pharmacist is able to identify any contraindications to therapy such as drug allergy, drug-food interaction, drug-disease interaction or adverse drug reaction. Specific patient information can be accessed to individualize intravenous therapy, antibiotic dosing and monitor medication therapy as a patient’s condition changes.

By working together with other health care professionals, a continuum of care exists which helps ensure that patients will receive prompt, effective, professional and quality medical care.