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Emergency Response System


With LIFELINE you can rest easier knowing that help is at your fingertips.  LIFELINE was designed to extend the time that disabled, elderly, chronically ill or medically fragile individuals can live independently, providing an extra sense of security.  The Kossuth Regional Health Center Auxiliary sponsors LIFELINE.

 As a LIFELINE subscriber, you will have a Home Communicator unit attached to your telephone and a portable, waterproof “Help Button” which can be worn on your wrist or as a necklace.  In an emergency, just push your Help Button.  This will automatically send a message to LIFELINE.  You will then receive a call from LIFELINE to determine what kind of help you need.  If they cannot reach you, they immediately contact the responders that you have selected.

 Responders are usually friends, relatives, or neighbors.  It is best if they live nearby and they should have keys to your house so that they have immediate access to your house in an emergency.





After you have filled out the LIFELINE Application forms (links are below), you can either mail or fax the information to us. Within 1-2 days an installation call will be made to the subscriber to set a date and time to come and install the unit. An Auxiliary volunteer will install your LIFELINE unit.  This is also a good time for you, your family, and your responders to become familiar with the unit if you so choose.



The rental fee for a standard LIFELINE button is $30.00 per month. Installation of the unit is $35.00. We also offer  “Auto Alert.” Auto Alert is a motion censored help button that responds automatically to a fallen subscriber. If there is no movement within 30 seconds it will send a signal to LIFELINE. The fee for the auto alert service is $40.00 a month.


Standard LIFELINE button                                  Auto Alert button

Method of payments: 

We offer two types of payments:

  1. Monthly by check.

At installation, if you will receive a payment coupon book to help you keep track of your

payments monthly.  Just complete and include one coupon with each month’s payment.

  1. Automatic Withdrawal from Checking/Savings Account.

Fill out the attached form called “Authorization Agreement for Preauthorization Payments” and return it with your Lifeline Application in the attached envelope.


Monthly Test:

Once a month we ask that you push your help button.  This is a TEST to check the unit and the button.  It is suggested that you do this the same day each month. It is ok to test and encouraged so as to become familiar with the LIFELINE service.  If a button is hit by mistake just say you accidentally hit it and things will be reset from LIFELINE


When Canceling LIFELINE:When you no longer want/need the LIFELINE unit please return the Unit, the Button, the Plug-in cord, and the gray Phone-Jack Cord with a green end to Kossuth Regional Health Center front desk or to the Community Health front desk.  Also please put a note on the box of whose unit it is so we can cancel services when the unit is received and all pieces are accounted for. 


Please feel free to call LIFELINE at Community Health, Kossuth Regional Health Center with any questions or concerns

515-295-4430 OR 1-800-603-8433

1515 S. Phillips St., Algona, IA 50511  *  Fax: 515-295-5256

KRHC_Lifeline Payment Slips.pdf

KRHC_Lifeline Authorization for Payments.pdf

 KRHC_Philips Lifeline Care Plan Agreement.pdf