Franklin General Hospital

Hospice of North Iowa

Although 90 percent of hospice care is delivered in the home setting, patients sometimes meet criteria for hospital admission for short-term care.

Hospice rooms may be used for:

Acute Care
Symptom management requiring ongoing assessment and frequent adjustments in the plan of care or for symptoms not responding to interventions attempted in the home care setting.

To provide relief for the caregiver by providing care for the patient in an inpatient setting. It is for short-term care only, usually five days or less.

Final Care
To provide final care for patients who are unable to remain at home during the last days of life.

Other special circumstances are considered on an individual basis.

Our Hospice room offers a comfortable and comforting environment for patient and family,
it includes a patient room and an attached family room.

Hospice Rooms:

  • Provide the patent and family with the home-like environment during the hospital stay.
  • Special accommodations are made for the comfort of the family.
  • Hospice staff continue to visit the patient, and work together with the hospital staff to maintain continuity in the plan of care.
  • Hospital staff provide the direct care for the patient.
  • Use of a hospice room is subject to the availability of the room at the time of admission.

 Payment for Hospice Rooms

Medicare, Medicaid, and some insurance companies will pay for services provided in the hospital’s hospice room. Deductibles and copayments may apply. Hospice staff will discuss any financial responsibilities you may have before finalizing arrangement with the hospital.

An adjoining room is provided for family members. It is furnished with a sofa, table and chairs, a refrigerator and microwave.

For more information, call 641-456-5010.

HospiceSuite.pngThe FGH Hospice Suite features an adjoining family room.