Franklin General Hospital

Your gift of cash or check is the simplest method of giving and is not subject to gift or estate taxes. Cash gifts will be accepted for any purpose consistent with our mission. Credit card payments can be made by phone by calling the Foundation office 641-456-5013.

Marketable securities (including stocks, mutual funds and certain bonds) may help you make a larger gift.

Life Insurance
Policies no longer needed for family protection may be used to help Franklin General Hospital Foundation by making the hospital your irrevocable beneficiary. Or, you may purchase new insurance with FGH Foundation as the beneficiary. It is also possible to use life insurance benefiting your heirs to "replace" charitable gifts you make in your estate.

Real Estate
If resale is permitted, Franklin General Hospital Foundation will be pleased to consider your gift of real estate. The charitable deduction typically is based on appraised market value.

There are a wide variety of trusts, including charitable remainder, revocable and testamentary, which may enable you to realize your own objectives now and to help meet Franklin General Hospital’s needs at a later date.

A bequest is a provision in one's last will and testament, transferring a gift or property from an estate to a charitable organization. You don't need to be wealthy to be able to leave a gift that makes an impact. For each multimillion-dollar charitable bequest you read about, countless smaller ones are arranged by ordinary people of all means, in all walks of life – people who would have liked to have made larger gifts to charity during their lifetime, but who found it difficult to do so.

If you would like to make a gift to the FGH Foundation, please complete our Gift Form or contact:

LeAnn Strother,
FGH Foundation
1720 Central Avenue East
Hampton, IA 50441

Your gift will be greatly appreciated and will help ensure that healthcare services are available in the Franklin County region for many years to come.

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