Regional Health Services of Howard County

Jan Spalla and Sandy Hagen Achieve Renewal of Certified Diabetes Educator Status

Diabetic Self-Management (DSM) Training
Diabetic Education Program

A diabetes education program will help you learn how to live with diabetes. Diabetic Education is primarily an outpatient service provided for patients of Regional Health Services of Howard County. The DSM Team includes Jan Spalla, Registered Nurse and Certified Diabetic Educator and Sandy Hagen, Registered Dietitian and Certified Diabetic Educator.

What will I learn about diabetes?

There are many things to know about diabetes. You will learn about:

  • Planning meals to help control your blood sugar and manage your weight
  • Ways to create an active lifestyle
  • Diabetic medication
  • How to check your blood sugar
  • What to do when you are sick
  • Plus other topics to help you lead a healthy lifestyle

When will this program start?

Your health care provider or doctor will send a referral to the diabetes team. When they receive this note, you will be called for your first session.

Where do I go for diabetes education?

Sessions are held in Cresco at Regional Health Services of Howard County/Hospital Services, 235 8th Avenue West.

What if I can’t come to one of the sessions?

You can make up the session. Ask your educator when you can make up the session you will miss.

Does insurance pay for diabetes education?

Medicare will help pay for diabetes education if you have Medicare Part B and meet certain criteria. Payment by other insurance companies will depend upon your plan. Please contact your insurance company. Ask if your policy covers “diabetes self-management training”. If you have more questions, your educator will help you get them answered. In some cases, financial assistance is available.

Is the diabetes education program certified?

Yes, the Mercy Health Network – North Iowa program in Cresco is certified by the American Diabetes Association.

Diabetic Education Class Outline:

Session 1 
(2-1/2 to 3 hrs)

Overview of Diabetes
Blood Glucose Monitoring

Session 2 
(2 weeks later for 2 hours) 

Sick Days
Dining Out

Session 3 
(2 weeks after session 2 for 1-1/2 to 2 hrs) 

Natural Changes of Diabetes
Foot Care 
Heart Health/Hypertension

Session 4 
(1 month after session 3 for 1-1/2 hours)

Changing the Treatment Plan
Problem-Solving: Glucose Results
Special Topics: Food Plan Activity

Sandy Hagen, RD  Jan Spalla, RN, CDE
Sandy Hagen, RD
Certified Diabetic Educator

Jan Spalla, RN
Certified Diabetic Educator


For more information on the Diabetic Education Program offered at Regional Health Services of Howard County, please contact Jan Spalla, RN, CDE or Sandy Hagen, RD, CDE, at Hospital Services, 563.547.5086, extension 51376.