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After Surgery

Q. Do I need someone to be with me the first night home?

A. We do recommend that you have someone stay with you on your first night home.

If you cannot have someone stay with you, it is a good idea to make arrangements to have someone close by whom you can call upon if you should need help.

Someome will call you after your surgery to see how you are doing and answer any questions you may have about your recovery. If you are experiencing problems or have questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at 641-456-5000.

Q. How will I feel?

A. You may experience any of the following normal symptoms as you recover from surgery.

You may feel drowsy, tired and have general muscle aches. Mild nausea also is common after anesthesia. If it persists and you cannot keep fluids down, please call your surgeon or primary physician.

Other reactions to surgery include

  • If you have general anesthesia, you may have a sore throat for a day or so.
  • You may have cramps, gas pains or you may feel slightly bloated and full in your abdomen.

Q. Will I have much discomfort?

A. You will be reasonably comfortable before you are discharged to go home. The amount of discomfort that you experience will depend on the type of surgery you have. You may or may not require a prescription for pain medication.

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