Franklin General Hospital

Caring Since 1915…Caring About You!

A tradition of caring since 1915, Franklin General Hospital has continued to meet and exceed the health care needs of Franklin County and surrounding areas.

 artist drawing of Franklin General Hospital

Franklin General Hospital is a rural hospital with 25 acute care beds, a primary care clinic (Franklin Medical Center) and a 52-bed nursing facility providing high quality care in a rural setting. This "hometown" care includes the full continuum of primary healthcare…from health promotion to end of life care.


Medical knowledge and technological innovation continue to drive the development of new diagnostic tools and more effective treatment. FGH strives to keep pace with these new technologies by acquiring the most up-to-date equipment in mammography, radiology, surgery, laboratory, telemedicine, CT (computerized tomography), physical and respiratory therapy, critical care and emergency services. Most recently, we have invested in a state-of-the-art electronic health record, which ties together patients' hospital and clinic records.

FGH/FMC Partnership

FGH also strives to keep pace with the health needs of the community. The partnership with physicians of Franklin Medical Center and the addition to the hospital is not only cost-efficient but provides greater customer service to patients and guests. FGH has answered the healthcare needs of people outside the Hampton City limits by providing satellite clinics in Dows, Dumont and Latimer.

Outpatient Clinics

Outpatient services continue to expand at FGH/FMC and provide additional healthcare services to the community. Weekly, bi-weekly and/or monthly clinics with visiting physician specialists are offered in general surgery, audiology/ears, nose & throat, cardiology,  mental health counseling, neurology,  obstetrics/gynecology, ophthalmology, orthodontics, orthopedics, podiatry, urology, and wound therapy.

These clinics combined with other outpatient services such as surgery, individualized patient education, chemotherapy, cardiac rehabilitation, stress testing, respiratory and physical therapy programs point to Franklin General Hospital’s drive to improve its overall accessibility to the public’s healthcare needs.

Long-Term Care

For the aging population, FGH also provides access to long-term care. Here, 52 residents are cared for around the clock in a resident-centered atmosphere by qualified nursing staff. These residents have unlimited access to a physical therapist, activity director, licensed and registered dietitian, and full-time social worker, unlike many other nursing facilities in the area. Because the nursing facility is connected to the hospital and clinic, it can promptly provide many of these services to the resident. And because of this connection, it offers the resident the peace-of-mind, knowing all diagnostic, surgical and critical care units are just down the hall. The need for additional housing and services for the elderly led way to Franklin General Hospital's construction of an independent and assisted living facility, the Franklin Prairie Apartments, completed in 2001.

Commitment to People

Because of the many services it offers and the highly skilled professional staff it hires to deliver these services, FGH plays an important role in making the Franklin County area a great place to live and work. FGH expects to change in the future to serve the community better, but we won’t change the way we care about people.